1.) Think about how many family members you would like on your tree. Purchase your ornament kit of one, six, ten or twenty, along with any additional ornaments you want.

2.) Pay for your kit. Here's how: Send an email to and tell me how many ornaments you want. I will send you an invoice by email and you can pay by PayPal or with your every day credit card through secure payment.

3.) Email the photos of your loved ones to us. Any size photos will do. I do all the sizing and making them ready for the ornaments. Don't worry if the photo isn't perfect. I can crop out the face where I need it.

4.) We will make your ornaments and send them back to you. In most cases, it's about 2 - 3 weeks. But order asap so you can have them for this Christmas!


Cost $24.95.

Do you want a Charlie Brown Christmas tree like ours above?
When you order your ornaments, just let me know you want the tree as well and we'll include one with your order.



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