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ART YOU WEAR Pendants - 2 sizes

Classic Phenomino
1" wide by 2" tall provides best look at art
and lays flat when you wear it. Special clasp allows you to put it on
other beads you have at home for maximum fun and flexibility.

Mini Phenomino
1/2" wide by 1" tall with rounded silver clasp
Mini Domino with rhinestone clasp

(notice comparison of size)

Dangles of Beads on Bottom
We add a unique tassle of matching beads to the bottom
for a totally different look.

(actual 1/2 of a domino!)

(5 or 6 mini dominoes begin
a well-constructed bracelet with beads in between)


The Mini Pendant sized dominoes become earrings (pierced)
that match your necklace design

Bottle Charms

This is just another way to use the Pendants of either size.
Simply attach the pendant to a ribbon and hang it on your
favorite reed-diffuser bottle or antique bottle with fresh flowers.
(nice for weddings too!)

Classic Key Ring

ask for key ring instead of ribbon and we'll
be happy to make it for you.




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